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Monday, October 28, 2013

NoteCaddy welcomes AlphaHUD - its newest coaching pack!

Long time CardRunners coach and SNG legend MachtiSonni has finally released the pack he put so much work into.  No doubt this pack will provide tremendous value to SNG players of all levels.

MachtiSonni is definitely not one to back down in the face of arbitrary limitations.  He figured out that he can edit definitions outside of NoteCaddy to make tiny badges that he calls stamps.  Of course I always love to see innovation so this makes me very happy.  Check out this video to learn more

Or better yet head over to to learn everything you need to know about AlphaHUD.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

...and the award for most creative use of NoteCaddy goes to...

There are a couple of resources that I look at occasionally that will have some coverage of NoteCaddy.  It is very satisfying for me to see people using the capabilities of the software in ways that exceed what I could have imagined.  Today I was blown away when I browsed and saw this blog entry

Check out what his HUD looks like!

Unfortunately the page is in Czech (which apparently broke up with Slovakia) but the google translate does a decent job and certainly makes it understandable

One thing google translate did get wrong though - apparently they translate the Czech word for "awesome" into the English word "bug" :P